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Service & Maintenance

The programmed seasonal service TASSMART Cool Air provide is as follows:

Winter Service (after summer)

  • Dismantle unit
  • Scrub clean unit of slime and algae.
  • Remove mud and dirt build up in the unit.
  • Scrub clean as much scale and salt build up as possible.
  • Check operation of isolation valve and lubricate as required.
  • Check water level in unit.
  • Turn off water supply (prevents slime & algae build up, prevents seizing & corrosion of the pump).
  • Turn off power (protects pump and control board from burn out).
  • Check pads, motor bearings, fan bearings, the drive belt and general state of the machine.
  • Provide report on unit and on any work that may be required.
  • Reassemble unit and install cover if unit has one.

Summer Service (before summer)

  • Remove cover, dismantle machine, clean & dust.
  • Refill machine with clean water & disinfect.
  • Check inlet valve for correct operation - reset water to correct level.
  • Check all bearings, pulleys, belts and fan assembly to ensure all are fully operational.
  • Check filter pads for even thickness, check water flow rates over the pads.
  • Run machine and check operation.
  • Set correct bleed off rates - 10-30 litres per hour depending on size of machine.
tassmart air conditioner algae service
tassmart air conditioner filter service
tassmart air conditioner drive belt service